Tiger Woods: love him or hate him, no golf fan can deny his prolific career. In the HBO Original documentary, Tiger, the global icon’s story is shared in an all-new way.  

Shawn Costello, PGA professional and lifelong golf enthusiast, discusses what makes the HBO documentary so unique.

Tiger tells the tale of Tiger Woods in a way we’ve never seen before — literally.  Highlighting never before seen footage, exclusive interviews and so much more, this documentary showcases the rise, fall and incredible comeback of the man who has dominated the golf course for decades.  In the interviews featured, we get to hear intimate details from Tiger’s former caddy and longtime close pal, Steven Williams; his first love, Dina Parr; and controversially, the woman at the center of the scandal that shook up Tiger’s public image…

Telling a story from right where it starts, Tiger highlights the prodigy’s earliest taste of the sport of golf.  Even his father, Earl Woods, offers up insight on the athlete we know as the ultimate golf legend.  Catch the documentary exclusively on HBO and HBO Max — in Shawn Costello’s opinion, it’s certainly worth a watch if you want to tap into what’s behind the incredible story of Tiger Woods!